Q: When do I need ballet shoes with ribbons?
A: You will need to check with your dance school. (Eg: JGDC students need to have ribbons from Level 2 and up).
Q: How do I make a ballet bun?
A: Please see link to bun tutorials here.    
Q: What underwear is best under a leotard?
A: Flesh coloured underwear is most suitable under any colour leotard (even white!).
Q: What is stage makeup and how is it best applied?
A: Stage makeup is applied to enhance facial features allowing the made up face to been seen from the audience under lights. Please see the following link for age appropriate stage makeup here.
Q: Am I eligible to receive any discounts?
A: Some local dance schools have an agreement with Pirouettes that provides 5% discount, and in turn the school also receives 5%. Please confirm with your dance school if they have such an agreement.
Q: How do I care for my dance shoes?
A: Ballet shoes can be stuffed with newspaper and wiped over with a damp cloth. Tap and Jazz shoes can also be wiped over with a damp cloth, and lightly polished with the appropriately coloured shoe polish. Dance shoes are not suitable to be worn on any other floor surface other that a dance floor. This will prolong the life of the shoes.
Q: What if I can’t bring my child in for a shoe fitting? What information can I provide to assist with purchasing the correct size shoes?
A: While it is certainly preferred that your child be with you for a fitting, we understand that it is not always possible. Dance shoe sizes differ from regular street shoes. You will need to bring in a tracing of the child’s feet (yes…both of them as one foot us usually bigger than the other), and provide us with the child’s regular street shoe size. It may also be helpful to bring in a pair of shoes that the child fits into well, so we can use that as a guide.